What we are

An organization focused on bringing the message of Hope & Encouragement to men. Our mission is to assist in building a community resources to walk with them through life.

Hope thrives in environments that cultivate compassion, empathy, and support, where individuals can find solace in the knowledge that they are not alone in their struggles. Acts of kindness, encouragement, and understanding lay the foundation for hope to flourish, creating a sense of interconnectedness that fosters a shared vision of a better tomorrow.

Coming Events

July 2024 – BAR Meeting

This will be our July BAR meeting to support mental wellness and mental health awareness. Come and hang out with us and learn about how we do things a little […]

August 2024 – BAR Meeting

This will be our August meeting. More details to come, but come and hang out with us and hear stories from other guys that have overcome life’s challenges. These stories […]

Jonathan & Daniel Lawler Episode 22

Jonathon  & Daniel Lawler - Punk Rock Farmer

Chris Vos Episode 21

Chris Vos - Roll with it

Matthew Fultz Episode 19

Matthew Fultz - Trusting God Through The Process

Doug Bright Episode 18

Doug Bright - Know Yourself. Self-Awareness is Self Care

Jake Gilbert Episode 17

Jake Gilbert - Faith Family Football

Griffin Fernandes Episode 16

Griffin Fernandes - Reel Life

Patrick Stone Episode 15

Patrick Stone - The Path to Salvation

Connor Corey Episode 14

Connor Corey - Silver Lining

Kyle Lamb Episode 13

Kyle Lamb - Stay on Mission

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